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This fanfiction is self-written by me and my friend. It is a story based on the 7 novels by J.K. Rowling.


This is the story of two girls, Paige and Chey who are whisked away from their Muggle life, and into the world of Harry Potter. There they find a life full of drama, magic and much more. Watch them as they go through early relationship troubles, a sour hook-nosed teacher and a few hidden secrets.

Book 1 Edit

In book one, Paige and Chey receive their letter from Hogwarts. After the long train ride, they finally arrive. But things immediately begin to go wrong. Firt thing? They are sorted into different houses. Chey in Slytherin and Paige in Ravenclaw. Lucky for Paige, she fits right in. But because of Chey's Muggle background, she is teased and bullied endlessly. This leads to a horrifying event in which the Slytherins literally take matters into their own hands. Along with this, Paige's secret about her father is revealed. Her father is Sirius Black, convicted murderer, but she doesn't want anybody to find out. Later, Paige and Chey befriend Draco Malfoy and form The Four Musketeers along with Anthony Goldstein, Chey's admirer.

Book 2 Edit

Book two coming soon!

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